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Meet Kristin Cronin Boone

Marriage and Family Therapy Associate

I believe in an existential perspective to therapy to help you reach your goals.  Existential therapy focuses on self actualization and purpose.

I believe awareness and small changes can make a big difference.  Setting attainable goals will help you feel successful and motivated as we walk on this journey together.

I work with children, couples, and individuals and look forward to helping you find what you are looking for.

Supervisor - Carol A. Pendleton, MA, LMFT, LMHC, CMHS




Why Therapy?

It can help with


Communication, boundaries, and roles are all elements that can be improved and strengthened in your relationship.

Depression and Anxiety

There is hope and we can find it together.  You are not alone and we can discover how to help you slow down and connect.

You have the power to make important changes to lighten your load and we can find them together!

Child Development

Children are amazing and have unique ways of communicating with us. I love helping parents understand the language their children are speaking and improve behavior and connection with the ones they love the most.


Sometimes we just need to get to know ourselves again.  Let's discover YOU together.


"Even the smallest change in perspective can bring about the greatest healing."

-Dr. Joshua Kai



Child and Adolescents



Nothing is too big to handle.  We will explore your problems and your goals and make small changes to improve your life.  

Make It Small

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