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The beauty in the small

In the photo on the left the focus is on the blooming flowers. You can still see the path the bloom will take, but the details of the pistols and the texture of the petals are what you experience. The picture on the right is focused on the very top. The last bit of the growth. The blooms in that picture are blurry and their individual beauty lost.

When you focus on the small, and the now, you can see and appreciate all the beautiful moments around you. When you focus on the end, a far away pinnacle, the moments around you become blurry and lost, and then it is too late to enjoy because the bloom is over.

Nature has a way of modeling for us. The flowers know to bloom one at a time. Each little piece taking its time to grow and connect together as they appreciate that it is their time to be what they were meant to be.

Do not lose your now. Do not get distracted or discouraged by a moment yet to be had. Focus on the small, the now, the beauty of the little things.

Kristin Cronin Boone

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